I live my life through sport. I have always had a broad interest when the curiosity has opened up to learn new sports and to meet new people.

Cross Country Skiing

With an older brother leading the way, we were aiming to be the best cross-country skiers in Sweden. During the winters we were competing every weekend. During the summer we were training to be as competitive when the winter hit.

Today I like going out enjoin the silence and nature. With good conditions and light and fast skis, it can almost feel like the old days! 🙂

Freeride Skiing

I enjoy skiing and we spend as many weekends in Engelberg as we possibly can during the winter. The combination of ski-touring, mountaineering and freeride skiing is the optimal winter sport.

Telemark Skiing

With my background as a cross-country skier, I like the freedom and the power in telemark skiing. I learned to ski in Östersund when representing the Swedish Army as a cross-country skier in the Athlete Platoon.

Mountain Bike

I started out MTB cycling when it was the perfect summer training for Cross Country skiing. The excitement of riding downhill with all the technique makes this one of my favorite summer season sports.

Road Cycling

Living in Switzerland has given a new dimension to road cycling. All the beautiful mountain-roads with unlimited choices of long and tough climbs just want you to go out there and ride!    

Trail Running – Orienteering

There is something special with the nature. We try to be outdoors and hike with the family as much as we can. When I get the time for my self I like going for long runs in the mountains.

When I was young I was competing in orienteering, and my specialty was the night orienteering running with a headlamp.


Started to play when I was 12 years old and has kept it going since then. Today I play with friends for fun and fight for my handicap to stay around 10. I love the body control and the technique that is required to achieve the perfect round of golf. There is nothing better than when I get the opportunity to play a nice course in Ireland or Scottland. 

Sailing & Wind Surfing

I grew up with dinghy sailing and my father had two bigger boats that we whet out sailing with when we had the time. When I was 14 years old I started to windsurf when I enjoyed the speed and action.