I live my life through sport. I have always had a broad interest when the curiosity has opened up to learn new sports and to meet new sport friends.

Cross Country Skiing
With an older brother leading the way, we were aiming to be the best cross-country skiers in Sweden. During the winters we were competing every weekend. During the summer we were training to be as competitive when the winter arrived.

Freeride Skiing
I enjoy skiing and we spend a as many weekends in Engelberg as we possibly can during the winter to ski. The combination of ski-touring, mountaineering and freeride skiing is the optimal winter sport.

Telemark Skiing
With my background as a cross-country skier, I like the freedom and the power in telemark skiing. I learned to ski in Östersund when representing the Swedish Army as a cross-country skier in the Athlete Platoon.

Mountain Bike

Road Cycling

Started to play when I was young. Today I play with friends for fun and fight for my handicap to stay around 10.


Wind Surfing



Track & Field