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About Me

Paer Westerlind


I was brought up in Sweden Göteborg, in a family crazy about sports. For many years I was competing in cross country skiing on a competitive level.


My interest in textile and fashion has always been strong. The Textile University in Borås gave me a solid textile platform to build from. I combined my Textile studies with a bachelor in Marketing and Economics.

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I started my career in fashion as a Purchaser, and later I shifted over to the Sports Industry as a Product Manager. Now the fashion world and the sports world are coming together, driven by the strong movement in athleisure wear and healthy living.

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With an older brother leading the way, we were aiming to be the best cross-country skiers in Sweden. During the winters we were competing every weekend. During the summer we were training to be as competitive when the winter arrived. I just love sports in general.

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Trying to become a competitive cross-country skier in Sweden, has for sure taught me how to set up targets, define a plan and how to achieve my goals in my professional life.

A unique broad combination of skill-set tailored for the fashion and sports industry

Fashion · Sports · Marketing · e-Commerce · Economics

Over the years I have had the opportunity to be a part of several big international companies/brands in leading positions, and I have also managed my own business for seven years, where I have grown my management and organizational skills.

With a deep understanding of textile materials, textile manufacturing and purchasing, I have developed my ability to craft commercial product concepts maximizing product quality and product margins reaching a targeted retail price.

My genuine interest in design and photography have inspired me to develop the skills to express myself visually. I create conceptual drawings and designs by hand and/or in design programs. I love photography and have done a number of professional brand and look-book photo-shoots. I’m learning fast about video and videography when I believe this is the future of product storytelling in a globalized world.

After several re-branding projects together with leading international marketing firms, I have grown my skill-set in analyzing companies/brand-position and how to build a competitive brand platform optimizing the synergy between products, marketing, and sales to maximize sell-in and sell-through.

Working hands-on from the back-end to the-front end with e-Commerce platforms over a number of years have grown my ability to develop and drive business in a digital landscape in close sync with social media channels.

When managing my own business, I fine-tuned my sales skills working on trade shows, being on the road visiting clients and inviting clients to our showroom. Preparing for the sales appointments going through budgets, product presentation and merchandising in order to connect and inspire to land an order through a professional well-coordinated meeting.

Working as a Purchaser, Category/Product Manager and Head of Product & Design have developed my presentation skills and the comfort of talking in front of large audiences. I appreciate and enjoy connecting with people.