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Zhiyun Smoot 4 - FilmicPro

Zhiyun Smooth 4 – Mobile Gimbal Review – Update


Beginning September 2018 FilmicPro released an update now supporting the Zhiyun Smooth 4 Mobile Gimbal. Congratulate all mobile filmmakers, you just got the best of two worlds.

FilmicPro & Zhiyun Smooth 4
It has now come true. FilmicPro and Zhiyun Smooth 4 is now supported.

After hours of looking at tutorials on YouTube, I decided to order the Zhiyun Smooth 4 Phone Gimbal. I ended up choosing from a DJI product and this one. Why I did not go for the DJI Osmo Mobile 2 was because of the build quality. I felt that DJI stripped down the Osmo Mobile 2 too much. If DJI would announce a new more premium Mobile Gimbal I would not hesitate to order it right away.

Build Quality

The Gimbal is easy to balance because of its construction, and the build quality also feels premium handling the adjustment screws. There is a lock position that also comes handy when not shooting, by folding down the Gimbal as the picture shows.

The Box

The box that the Gimbal arrives in. This box I’ll also use for traveling and storage. The box is big, but it also depends on that the Gimbal is on the bigger side too.

Inside View

Inside view of the box and the Gimbal with the tripod mounted. The tripods are getting more standardized in the packages among the different gimbals and are very handy when shooting time-lapse and filming your self.

Control Buttons

Within a thumbs reach you have all the handy control buttons. To activate the control buttons you need to download the Zhiyun Play App and connect it with Bluetooth. Connecting the Bluetooth works and is not to complicated.


You navigate the gimbal direction with the two-way button under the handle. The upper side of the button is the normal button adjusting the vertical angle. The lower side of the button activates the “sports mode” for faster movements. Instead of this button I would rather have a joystick on the upper side positioned center of the wheel.

Charging USB-C

The cable for charging used normal USB and USB-C going into the Gimbal handle.

Zhiyun Smoot 4 - FilmicPro
Zhiyun Smooth 4 – Mobile Gimbal Review – Update
Solid Gimbal but bad App
It has lived up to my expectations! Solid mobile gimbal but where the Zhiyun Play app takes down the over all rating. The side wheel I have not used, controlling the zoom or the focus. I don't feel I need the wheel.
Softwear integration - FilmicPro
Build quality
Size and portabillity
Steering - Missing a joystick solution
Action buttons
Sky rocket
Build quality
Buttons for direct haneling good
Tripod feels steady
Quarter inch tripod mount
Battery life time
Engine power for phone weight load
Steady feel
Smooth video shooting
Low water mark
Zhiyun Play app feels half ready
On the limit to feel big when traveling
Solide case but big
Missing joystick
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