Lowepro ProTactic 450 AW – Backpack Review
Best photo backpack
Lowepro ProTactic 450 AW is by far the most versatile camera backpack for your DSLR's, lenses and drones, plus all the other equipment that you need to bring. The carrying system is so flexible and most important very comfortable. The camera backpack is so well built and offers the highest quality in the market.
Flexibillity & Modularity8.9
Wearing comfort10
Durabillity & Quality8.8

My camera travel bag. An amazing camera bag with so many possibilities! The bag feels so rigid and well built. After reading most of the reviews I landed on this bag. Good job Lowepro!

Clean but so functional.

The first impression of the bag is impressive. The army inspired webbings brings full flexibility. Subtle branding leaving beautiful look.

Comfort is key when carrying heavy gear.

The shoulder straps are ergonomically shaped and bring all the adjustment possibilities that I want. The shock absorbing foam on the back plate with ventilation holes feels great.

Flexibility at it’s maximum. Build it after your need’s.

The flexible inside compartments that you move and attach with velcro works great. I have the ability to have direct access to my cameras from both sides and the top through zip-openings.

Top load with fast access with a molded protective top.

The attention to details is market leading. Top pocket with zipping and zip garage not to scratch the camera. Quick access memory card pocket. Soft fabric to not stress the camera. Top handle for an easy grab.

Modular system for you to perfect.

Here you see a tripod pocket with adjustable straps to secure it. With a minor effort, you can move the attachment to of the tripod to the desired position. 

Accessories that comes with the bag.

With the bag, you’ll get a water bottle holder, small pocket with zipping and the tripod pocket. On the side of the bag, you also see the two adjustable straps that come with the bag to complete the accessories. The staps has a quick lock system so you can position the straps where you need to anchor your external equipment.

Quick access to the laptop, handy when traveling.

The big inside opening that protects you while traveling in exposed areas opens easily when you have taken off the bag. The laptop pocket is accessible whiteout open all the way. The perforated protected foam in the back plate makes sure that you has optimal moisture transportation while carrying your bag. The Active Zone further enhance the airflow when creating an air channel in the high sweat zones.

Rain cover attached in a hidden pocket in the bottom plate.

So simple, so user-friendly is what characterizes this bag. The rain cover is just an example of all the hidden features that comes with this bag.